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Moisture Inspection

Let Us Detect Moisture Damage Early

Discover Hidden Moisture with Our Inspection Camera


An inspection employing a moisture assessment camera is conducted to survey expansive areas effectively, pinpointing potential areas of concern. As a part of this comprehensive process, an evaluation of the building envelope, comprising roofing and exterior surfaces that act as barriers against moisture ingress, is performed. Recommendations for necessary repairs or maintenance are provided accordingly.

Utilizing a moisture meter, we meticulously examine regions surrounding plumbing fixtures, air conditioning units, ductwork, bathroom facilities such as toilets and showers, as well as wooden structures in proximity to or in contact with the ground. Appliances can be culprits of water leakage or condensation issues, potentially leading to heightened moisture levels.

A proficient inspector armed with a moisture meter and thermal imaging camera possesses the tools to identify sources of moisture and water-related issues within a structure. Once identified, prompt correction of all moisture infiltration problems is imperative to prevent the onset of mold growth.

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