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Deck Inspection

Deck Safety Unites Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Family Spaces

Deck inspection is indeed an essential component of both home and commercial/multi-family property inspections. Decks are popular features of many properties, and they can provide valuable outdoor living space. However, they can also pose safety risks if not properly maintained or constructed. Here are some reasons why a deck inspection is important:

Deck Safety Unites Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Family Spaces

Senate Bill 721 and the Importance of Regular Inspections

Our comprehensive deck inspection services encompass a thorough examination of your deck's structure, foundation, and access points, including stairs and walkways. In some cases, we may need to reveal external finishes to inspect the framing. Rest assured, your property is in capable hands with our commitment to top-tier service and results.


California's Senate Bill 721 mandates inspections of multifamily building balconies and elevated elements, specifically for apartment buildings with three or more dwelling units. Inspection Pro is ready to assist apartment owners in meeting these new legal requirements, drawing upon our inspection and construction expertise.

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