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Healing And Cooling Inspection

Welcome to Inspection Pros Inc. - the home inspection professional! Heating and Cooling are some of the most important systems in a home. There are many different types of systems of each and they need to function properly for the comfort of the people in the home. 
These systems are among the most neglected parts of a home because they are usually installed out of sight and as long as they keep working, people tend to forget about them. This can create maintenance issues or unsafe conditions that are not discovered until someone looks at them.

Our home inspection includes the furnace inspection service. We will inspect your furnace, identify potential issues, and provide you with a report of the findings.

During our furnace inspection, we will check for any signs of wear and tear and make sure your unit is operating as it should. We'll check the air filter, ducting, blower, and all other components of the furnace to ensure it is working properly.

We'll also offer recommendations on any repairs or maintenance that may be needed. Your safety is our top priority, and with our furnace inspection, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furnace is running safely and efficiently.


Air conditioning systems are usually connected to the heating system, though occasionally they are installed separately. These systems are constantly being improved upon and made more efficient. If the home has a very old system, the upgrade may make sense financially due to energy cost savings.

Neglecting these systems dramatically shortens their life span. Dirty filters and clogged coils lead to icing on the coils that can damage them. Lower coolant levels can damage the compressor causing expensive repairs. These systems need more maintenance than most people give them.

 Heating and cooling inspection
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