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Certified Professional Home Inspector

Certified Professional Home Inspector

We have been doing inspections on everything from mobile/manufactured homes to large-scale estate properties and many other types of commercial/investment properties for well over 20 years-totaling now over 35,000 inspections. We come from the building trades and this gives us the knowledge and experience of the different building systems to help us truly understand and interpret what we find during inspections.

We are customer-focused, in that we are constantly training or upgrading to give our Clients the best inspection we can. We were among the first to use drones and robotic crawl space devices to get all the information that many others cannot.

We saw the need years ago for other inspection services, like Sewer-line, Chimney/Fireplace, and, Mold/Moisture Intrusion inspections so we trained our inspectors in these, and other, specialized inspections to help the Agents and Clients work within the tight contingency periods that seem to be the norm.

We are here to serve and try to express that in all we do. Please call us if you have any questions.

Garett Martell
President - Inspection Pros

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